Jesus teaches us to pray for daily bread (Mt 6:11). Of course, he is concerned about our food. But, more importantly, he wants us to depend wholly on him for the provision needed for the work, his mission entrusted to each of us.

In God’s providence, after Steve’s exhausting 6-month ordeal of chemotherapy, we realized that Steve did not have the juice to continue working full-time. So, he passed the pastoral baton to his successor so that in God’s providence we might begin a new venture, Grace Unscripted.

This early end to full-time pastoral work came nearly a decade before we had planned for retirement. As a result we have lost several critical years of income and retirement savings. Yet, God’s faithfulness remains unchanged – he will guide and provide for the future as he has the past (“Be Still My Soul”).

Our plan for the near future is to remain here in Ithaca, NY because all our grandchildren are here. Our house is designed for aging in place. We plan for our home here to be our base for hospitality and the work of Grace Unscripted.

While the Lord has provided generously so far for Steve’s ongoing cancer-related medical expenses, Sheryl has the expense of ongoing treatments for (at times) debilitating migraines. And, we do not yet have enough replacement annual income to cover our budget.

We are deeply grateful for your support.

We have come under the oversight of YES Ministries, a 501(c)3 agency serving as a Fiscal Sponsor to help small ministry ventures like ours operate with financial responsibility and spiritual accountability. Our spiritual oversight will come most directly from the elders at NLPC. In addition to the fiscal oversight provided by YES, we will also have an accountability team comprised of four NLPC alums who know us and affirm our vision.

Please contact us to let us know that you are praying with and for us, and to let us know how we can join in your praises and petitions.

Please prayerfully consider giving financial support. Gifts will be directed as needed to our annual budget, the Holy Callings project, or to the overall work of Grace Unscripted.

If you do not need a charitable receipt for your gift, you may mail it directly to us, or send it via PayPal or Venmo. Please note that all direct gifts will be reviewed by our advisory team. Please use the Contact form to request our mailing or online addresses as well as our personal contact information.

If you need a charitable receipt for your gift, go to the YES donor page. On that page, indicate the amount and frequency of your gift. Then designate “Steve & Sheryl Froehlich – Grace Unscripted” from the pull-down “Purpose” menu. Then indicate your method of payment.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Please use the Contact form to inquire about our availability for speaking, mentoring, or conversation.

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