When You Have Been Hurt by the Church

This Fall NLPC pastor, Tim LeCroy, preached a sermon series on “hard questions.” He asked me to preach on church hurts as an installment in that series. Many people have left the Church and may even have thought about giving up on God as a result of how they have been treated by the Church.  We all know too many stories making the news of abusive ego-maniacal pastors who are more interested in power and success than they are being servants of Jesus. Too many pastors and leaders are weaponizing the Church by demanding political and national loyalties as part of a commitment to following Jesus. Too many have become sexual predators. Congregations have hurt their pastors and leaders, too.  Here is a link to my sermon from October 29, “Healing Church Hurts.” Please send me any comments about how the sermon has been helpful or if it has generated questions.