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Grace Unscripted is Sheryl & Steve Froehlich
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After meeting in college, we wound our way from South Carolina to Tennessee to Mississippi before landing in Ithaca, New York in 1998. Sons Christopher, Jonathan, and Timothy joined us along the way, and we now have a brood of 7 grandkids. For 10 years Sheryl taught nationally for Precept Ministries and also led women’s retreats. Steve served as pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church in Ithaca for nearly 25 years and helped launch Chesterton House Center for Christian Studies at Cornell University. Amid many years of walking alongside dear friends through the gauntlet of life’s questions, traumas, mental health difficulties, and injustice, we also have celebrated beauty, grace, and redemption as we continue to wait with hope. However, Steve’s journey in the land of cancer providentially changed our game plan. While Steve is NED (no evidence of disease), thanks be to God, chemo took a toll, and he has had to pass the pastoral baton. But that has opened the door for us to focus our energies on continued service under the banner of Grace Unscripted.

Of course there is more to the story, and you may get more of the juicy details if you like. Also, since Grace Unscripted exists through the generosity of supporters, we want you to know about the layers of accountability we have in place.

After several decades of friendship with Sheryl and Steve, our only regret is never having lived in Ithaca to profit from their regular pastoral care. Bible knowledge is relatively easy to come by; a deep wisdom born of living God’s word in the midst of suffering in a broken world is another matter entirely. And that rare gift is what the Froehlichs offer.
Denis & Margie Haack
Ransom Fellowship (ret)

Steve and Sheryl Froehlich are thinking, practicing Christians who are ‘taken’ with God’s grace.  Their experience ranges from academia (seminary administration) to oncology units, from the tremors of birthing a church and then living long-term in that body; they know the paths of righteousness and the valley of darkness—and sometimes walked both at the same time.  I think that what they produce will stimulate you biblically, experientially, theologically, literarily, or perhaps even in some other previously unearthed and unthought of manner!
Dale Ralph Davis
Pastor (ret), Professor of Old Testament (ret), Bible commentator

How grateful my family has been for the kindness of Steve and Sheryl. Before our son moved a thousand miles away for graduate school, we were introduced by a mutual friend. When our son was unable to move because of a health crisis, they remained connected, even though they had never met us. When our son was finally able to move, they warmly embraced him, offering wisdom and warm community. We are grateful for all of the ways they showed the welcome of Christ to our family.
Elizabeth Turnage
Author, Gospel Life and Legacy Coach, Co-Founder of the Numbering Your Days Network

A seasoned pastor who has experienced multiple challenges, including health, Steve has much to offer those desiring spiritual guidance.
Luder Whitlock
President, Excelsis; former Executive Director of The Trinity Forum; former President of Reformed Theological Seminary

My relationship with Steve began, well, at the beginning – his brother and I were best buddies when Steve was born in Philadelphia. But, our friendship began to flourish over 25 years ago when our pastoral callings converged and Steve and Sheryl came to Ithaca, NY.  He’s been an esteemed colleague and close friend in our tightly knit ministerial network.  Aside from their collective giftedness, Sheryl and Steve’s character and spiritual lives have been enriched and deepened through the uncertain seasons of physical challenges.  Not exempt from pain, they share from the deep well of sufficient grace in their own lives and the hope that only comes through the reality of the gospel.
Chuck & Ann Tompkins
Ithaca, New York

How exciting to see Steve and Sheryl continue their contribution to the Kingdom through Grace Unscripted.   Their story to this point is well known.  Teaching ministries, pastoral leadership, the outreach of Chesterton House, and the list goes on.  Now they are following God’s leading to contribute in new ways, not only to the Church, but also to a world that has lost its compass to the good, the true and the beautiful.
Eric Halvorson
Dean, Trinity International University Law School

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